A Little Surprise (Dave/John)

So, baconbreath suggested a fic on her blog and the idea was just too good. Too good, I say. So, here, we have Dave finding John’s stash of gay porn.

It was fun. Hehehehe. (I’d say researching was more fun, but I’d be lying about doing research.)

            It was hard to get up from the couch when he was feeling so listless, and in the middle of homework no less. But Dave had left his laptop on the foot of his bed, and he needed to check the equations he was using for his physics problem.

            A lot of people thought that physics was hard, but it had always come easily to Dave. It was just like the music, the sick beats. Actually, the beats were just physics, not that anyone would ever understand that if he tried to explain. For some reason, people could just shut their minds off when he started talking about physics. The sparring he had done with Bro as a kid had been all physics too, friction coefficients and energy in momentum. It was as if Bro had always been preparing Dave for his favorite science. Except Bro hated sciences, and anything he personally hadn’t understood in school. Dave wondered about that sometimes.

            But right now Dave needed to check on his equations, and John’s laptop was on the coffee table, only inches away. Eh, they shared a dorm room, food, and nightmares of the worst time in their life. What was a minute on John’s computer going to do? Absolutely nothing. They were best friends, after all.

            With not a moment’s more thought, Dave sat up and dragged the computer onto his lap, logging in with ease (John always used the same password) and pulling up a browser. What was the name of that website? Dave managed to navigate to the physics site he had intended to go to, with only a little time spent attempting to remember what it was. Bookmarks were a nice thing.

            There was a pause as Dave glanced between his graph paper and the laptop screen. He checked each off in his mind as he went, the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly further with each homework problem that he had gotten right.

Perfect. If only history could be this straightforward. Dave closed the web browser, and was on the verge of logging back out of John’s laptop when a folder caught his eye. Dave would never have been curious about a folder named Sassacre, but he distinctly remembered John complaining that he couldn’t find an electronic version. Sending a glance toward their door, Dave quickly attempted to open the folder.

It was password locked. John really needed to get some new passwords.

If it had been personal information, Dave would have left it alone. However, he was not disappointed. There was a huge number of image and video files. Could this be John’s porn folder? Dave opened the first image.

Oh. Yes, definitely porn. Dave burst into a rare grin, recognizing the picture. Even better, this one was gay porn. As he quickly browsed through the folder, Dave started to realize that it was all gay porn.

The door swung open, and Dave’s grin only widened as John walked it, dropping his backpack by the door. “That was a ridiculous lab.” There was a pause while Dave just knew John had looked over and seen him. “Is that my laptop?”

“You should probably change your password, John. You’ve been using the same one since we were thirteen.”

“Is that… how did you find that?” John was blushing suddenly, rushing forward to take the laptop from Dave and shut it quickly.

Dave let John have the laptop. “So, you have a thing for blowjobs?”

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